Mixed Eucalyptus Bundle

Mixed Eucalyptus Bundle

from 15.00

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Grab one of our mixed eucalyptus bundles to add some fresh greenery to your home! Our favorite places to have eucalyptus are in the bathroom and kitchen because it adds such a fresh scent and look. We also love to hang it in the shower to help wake us up in the morning, plus it aids in respiratory sickness!

You can have one delivered at our $25 and $50 options or you can choose the $15 option and pick it up at one of our pick-up locations listed. Just let us know which location in the comments at checkout.

Tuesdays between 9a-5p: 37918, 37917, 37921, 37912 (or pick-up at Pratt’s Country Store or Remedy Coffee)

Wednesdays between 9a-5p: 37919, 37909, 37916, 37902, 37915 (or pick-up at Back Porch Mercantile or Jacks of Knoxville)

Thursdays between 9a-5p: 37923, 37932, 37934, 37922, 37931 (or pick-up at Honeybee Coffee West or Einstein’s Bros Bagels in Turkey Creek)

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